Today there are other online tee time systems on the market, and many golf courses have their own online tee time systems, but about 50% of all U.S. golf courses do not have a web page or an online tee time system.

The problem with currently available online tee time providers is that there is little or no advertising opportunity for the golf course. Here golf courses do not have direct contact with the golfer during tee time booking. Consequently golfers are unaware that a particular golf course offers the ability to book tee times online. In addition, with current providers golf courses do not have any control over the golfers’ registration information, which can be very valuable for future marketing purposes for the golf course.

On the other hand, by using ProGolfNet, a golf course has complete control over the operation and golfers’ registration information. Here, if the golf course has its own web pages we create a login page that looks just like the rest of the site. Then we provide the golf course with that login page link (URL) and an admin id/password. The Club Pro would login as administrator and set up golf courses in ProGolfNet, creating club name(s), tee times, pars, handicaps, etc. The golf course also would have a button on its own web page labeled 'Book Tee Time' that would connect with the URL we gave them. If the golf course does not have a web page, we will provide that for them as per their needs and even provide the hosting service if they require it. When golfers selects this button, it takes them to the login page where they can register and book the tee time for themselves and any others who are playing with them.

When a booking is complete ProGolfNet sends a notification e-mail to all the golfers on the team and also to the Club Pro. This way all the players know the day, time, and place of the game and the Club Pro can manage his tee times in real time. By using our system the Club Pro would also be able to book a tee time for those who request it over the phone. If the golfer cancels his or her tee time, ProGolfNet will send another notification e-mail to all the players on the team and also to the Club Pro. The Club Pro can use this online system to manage a club's tee times more efficiently and generate more revenue.

There are a few other online tee time systems in the U.S., but most of these do not provide a tailor-made solution for individual golf courses. ProGolfNet provides a solution that not only meets your needs but is specifically designed to promote your business in the marketplace and satisfy your daily business requirements. With ProGolfNet the customers see your business but we do all the work behind the scenes.

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